About The Author

“Poetry saves me, feeding me sunlight on a spoon, so I can stay alive, just one moment longer.” – EJB


Emma-Jane Barlow (known as EJ) is an Autistic Author, Poet, Copywriter, Content Creator, Songwriter, Singer and Creative from Northern England. She has been writing poetry since the age of seven and finds comfort in writing about her life experiences.

From living life through an Autistic lens to the highs and lows of love, loss and everything in between, EJ’s words are vulnerable, honest and rich with emotion.

In 2020, she self-published her debut book Darkness & Light, which became multiple bestsellers on Amazon, including the top 20 bestselling books for British poetry. She then released her highly-anticipated second collection of poetry, Sins & Sunflowers in 2022 and was the editor of The First Line Poets Anthology.

​She has performed her poetry live at several events including the C Arts Festival, Mic at the Mill, Natter, Salford Arts Theatre and Switchblade. She has also been featured in multiple anthologies including Chapters of Venus, Ey Up and Ink Gladiator Press. She has been featured in Salford Now newspaper and featured live twice on BBC Radio Manchester.

EJ shares her artistic journey on her Instagram page @emmajanepoetry and is also the founder of the successful collaborative poetry project First Line Poets @firstlinepoets.

She is working on her third poetry book and is exploring other creative projects to find new ways to express her love of storytelling.

“Emma-Jane’s command of language, imagery and rhythm is impeccable.”

“Emma-Jane is a talented and one-of-a-kind storyteller with an original voice.”

“With heart-warming rhymes and unique metaphors, Emma-Jane leaves you spellbound with her words.”

“Emma-Jane’s poetry pulls you in and moves you like a dance; she has a gift of bringing light into this world with her words.”

“Emma-Jane’s writing has a way of opening portals of emotions within ourselves.”

“Emma-Jane’s words are vulnerable, honest, powerful and true.”

“Emma-Jane has mastered the art of taking her experiences and turning them into beautiful poetry.”

“With gorgeous metaphors and delicious rhymes, Emma-Jane creates poems with so much warmth and humility.”

“With sublime imagery in every piece, her poetry is touching, relatable, insightful and always a joy to read.”