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Hello there! And welcome to my author website. I’m EJ. It’s nice to meet you. If you want to know more about me, my books, and my creative life, then continue on this website to find out more…

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My Books

Sins & Sunflowers: Second Edition

Exposing her vulnerability as she pens the tempestuous journey of loss and love, Emma-Jane explores the vicissitude of overcoming her first heartbreak,
dating and falling in love with someone new.

Through the symbolism of a sunflower with canary wings, she writes about learning to love herself as she navigates new beginnings and finds her voice again.

In this second and more visceral edition of Sins & Sunflowers she digs even deeper into the trauma and tribulations of the healing journey and how believing
in your own light can truly set a spirit free.

Send me a message and I can arrange payment to send you a signed copy of my book Sins & Sunflowers: Second Edition. International shipping available.

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Darkness & Light

First came the darkness, then came the light. Darkness & Light is a poetry collection documenting the emotional journey of overcoming mental illness and finding the strength to be whole again. In this book, I hope you find comfort in my words, feel a part of my story in yours, see the beauty in the ordinary and if like me, you have ever lived in the shadows, I hope you find your light — Emma-Jane Barlow

The First Line Poets Anthology

Created by Emma-Jane Barlow in 2020, the First Line Poets Project is an online collaborative initiative that pairs up writers from across the globe to write poetry using first lines as inspiration. This anthology is a compilation of work from past and present members of the project. The poets in this book are like individual fingerprints; no two are the same. Some speak in different mother tongues, some have only just found writing and others have been writing from the moment they could hold a pen.

The talented poets who were selected to be published in this anthology share their bravery, passion and vulnerability in these poems, written just for you — Emma-Jane Barlow

Congratulations, You’re Autistic!
I officially joined the autism club today You're autistic! The words I've been waiting to hear for over thirty-one years. To have my whole existence validated and understood. Finally! Today I had my official autism assessment. And I cried. It was a huge relief. It's...
Tomorrow is my 31st birthday. Every year, I write a blog post on the night before my birthday, reflecting on the year that has passed. It's a wonderful way to look back on my life and see how much has changed, how much I have changed. Being thirty has been a wonderful...

Tomorrow is my 30th birthday.

Every year, on the night before my birthday, I write a post about my year. I’ve been doing this for ten years now. I write and reflect on my life and it’s a tradition that has stayed with me since I started this blog during my time at university. In preparing for this post, I read the last few entries for twenty-seven, twenty-eight and twenty-nine and I marvel at how my life has been shaped into this beautiful new story, with new characters, new opportunities and new twists and turns. That is all we really are. Stories. I am going to continue to tell mine because words are my legacy, every word I put down is something to leave behind, long after I’m gone. But I’m not going anywhere. I feel like I am only getting started.

The A Word

In March 2022, it was confirmed that I am Autistic. Suddenly, the last 29 years of my life made sense. I reflected on my childhood and teenage years and every struggle I had experienced. I did extensive research, from books, podcasts and videos and it all pointed towards the A word.