Darkness & Light – KDP (2020), First Line Poet’s Anthology – KDP (2022), Sins & Sunflowers: Second Edition – Lulu Publishing (2023)

Sins & Sunflowers: Second Edition (2023)

Exposing her vulnerability as she pens the tempestuous journey of loss and love, Emma-Jane explores the vicissitude of overcoming her first heartbreak, dating and falling in love with someone new.

Through the symbolism of a sunflower with canary wings, she writes about learning to love herself as she navigates new beginnings and finds her voice again.

In this second and more visceral edition of Sins & Sunflowers she digs even deeper into the trauma and tribulations of the healing journey and how believing in your own light can truly set a spirit free.

“Emma-Jane is back stronger than ever with her newest collection of poetry. Emma has beautifully constructed newfound wisdom and strength into relatable words. I was deeply moved to tears. Thank you, Emma-Jane for sharing your journey of healing with us all. I am never disappointed when you send over your poems for me to read.”

— Rose Colleen, Author of Melancholy Red & Ghostly Blues.

“Emma-Jane has created an extraordinary poetry collection filled with a menagerie of emotions. From disappointment and heartbreak, exploration and growth, to hope and new love, this book celebrates the journey to joyful wholeness. A picture of truth and honesty, ‘Sins & Sunflowers: Second Edition’ is art we can all relate to, as well as learn from.”

— Kimberly McAfee, Author of AmerAsian

“An exhilarating collection of awe-inspiring poems. A feisty, sassy, strong comeback from a bestselling poet who takes you through her healing journey of transformation, learning to love yourself, finding love again and experiencing pain and betrayal. Raw, honest and beautiful poems that capture the heart with gorgeous metaphors and imagery. I have many favourite pieces. Emma shows us you can find love again. She shows us that love truly does conquer all.”

— Saira Anwar, Poet & Author of The Death of a Beautiful Dream

“Full of emotion and with a deep understanding of human frailty, Emma-Jane Barlow guides us through the pain and sorrow of heartbreak, the freedom that comes with letting go and the joy of self-discovery. Emma-Jane’s poetry is rich in reflection and soulful imagery. Through each line we are shown the strength and hope that lies in each of us to overcome adversity. She reminds us that we have the power to heal ourselves. A beautifully written book and cathartic to read. I highly recommend.”

— Emily Paget, Author of The Weight of Missing

“Emma-Jane Barlow’s “Sins and Sunflowers” is a captivating testament of the profound transformative power of words. Through her poetry, she intertwines the essence of nature, immersing readers in a world that vividly reflects her deepest emotions as she journeys through different moments and experiences. It is truly beautiful.”

— Dhayana Alejandrina, Poet & Author of Agridulce

“As a self-professed “poet-witch” Emma Jane Barlow draws on hard-fought pain and promise, hope and heartbreak to cast a powerful spell. Using language and imagery that is both accessible and complex, readers will be pulled to walk the road to healing with her. Sins and Sunflowers is testimony to the power of words to rewrite and rewire our story and ultimately, open ourselves to more love than we ever thought possible.”

— Kim McKellar, Writer and Visual Artist and Author of What The Earth Already Knows, Is This Not A Holy Place and Go, Wake The Bear

“Emma-Jane Barlow weaves a tapestry of emotions and thoughts that leaves a lasting impact. Each line is carefully crafted, revealing an underlying passion that resonates deeply. Sins & Sunflowers: Second Edition invites readers to embark on a journey of introspection and discovery through a unique perspective. Read it”

— David Scott, BBC radio Manchester Host & Bestselling Author of Mancunians

“Sins and Sunflowers is a rebirth. It is a vulnerable collection of poems displaying perseverance amidst life’s trials and tribulations, the way we rise among the chaos. I loved the line “you can’t break a constellation without changing the shape of the galaxy forever.” It’s such a gorgeous line and thought. I’ll be thinking about that for a while. Emma-Jane Barlow takes her readers on a journey of healing, a process known to many to be achingly beautiful and never-ending, one we learn hope through. This book is for the hopefuls.”

— Alexis Mitchell, Poet & Author of I Write, Therefore I Am, Hope Chest and The Attic

“Emma-Jane Barlow takes you on a poetic rollercoaster of emotions with Sins & Sunflowers: Second Edition. It is open and raw. The real-life relationships discussed are relatable. The quality and depth of each written piece is mesmerising. A commendable collection of poems.”

— Hafiza Issa, Poet & Multi-Award Winning Author of Earmuffs To The Moon

First Line Poets Anthology (2022)

The rawness of poetry resonates with the human soul more than anything else in this world. This collection of poetry explores a multitude of themes including life, death, love, time, fear and hope.

Created by Emma-Jane Barlow in 2020, the First Line Poets Project is an online collaborative initiative that pairs up writers from across the globe to write poetry using first lines as inspiration. This anthology is a compilation of work from past and present members of the project. The poets in this book are like individual fingerprints; no two are the same. Some speak in different mother tongues, some have only just found writing and others have been writing from the moment they could hold a pen.

The talented poets who were selected to be published in this anthology share their bravery, passion and vulnerability in these poems, written just for you.

Darkness & Light (2020)

First came the darkness, then came the light. Darkness & Light is a poetry collection documenting the emotional journey of overcoming mental illness and finding the strength to be whole again. In this book, I hope you find comfort in my words, feel a part of my story in yours, see the beauty in the ordinary and if like me, you have ever lived in the shadows, I hope you find your light.

Darkness & Light is a phenomenal collection of poetry that takes the reader on a vulnerable journey of the author’s personal experience with mental illness. Through Emma-Jane’s gorgeous metaphors, vivid imagery and storytelling, I was captivated by every poem.”

“Emma-Jane takes you on her life journey of experiencing both the dark and the light from the age of twenty to twenty-seven. While, without shame, bringing forth her riddling anxiety and wandering through the uncertainty of darkness. On the flipside, she shows you the positivity life teaches; how she rebuilds herself within love and self-discovery.”

“Darkness greets us with an articulation of pain that is at once profound and yet completely accessible. Light then meets us to bring a much-needed solace after the storm. The reader arrives at the eye of that storm, but gets to leave after the most beautiful, poetic description of falling asleep in a lover’s arms. In the duality of the whole journey that is Darkness & Light, we feel like we were right there beside Emma-Jane throughout the decade that inspired it.”

“Emma’s collection of poems takes us through her journey in an open and honest way, and I have been moved to tears reading them and resonating with their rawness. I hope you enjoy this beautiful collection of poems as much I have. And to those who suffer, I hope this collection helps you find your light through the darkness.”

“Darkness and Light is a beautifully written poetic-memoir by the British poet Emma Jane Barlow. The unique poetry collection narrates the poet’s journey as a young woman in her early twenties who is constantly struggling with the dark but is also able to find the light by embracing the little things in life! Look out for the poems ‘Prisoner’, ‘Reflection’, ‘A Thousand Skins’ and ‘The Cupboard In The Classroom’, from the first half of the collection. In the second half of this collection, look out for the poems ‘Polaroid, ‘She’, ‘October Rain’’ and ‘Constellations’. As a cautious reader of good poetry I can recommend ‘Darkness and Light’ by Emma Jane Barlow.”

“Emma-Jane’s command of language, imagery and rhythm is impeccable.”

“Emma-Jane is a talented and one-of-a-kind storyteller with an original voice.”

“With heart-warming rhymes and unique metaphors, Emma-Jane leaves you spellbound with her words.”

“Emma-Jane’s poetry pulls you in and moves you like a dance; she has a gift of bringing light into this world with her words.”

“Emma-Jane’s writing has a way of opening portals of emotions within ourselves.”

“Emma-Jane’s words are vulnerable, honest, powerful and true.”

“Emma-Jane has mastered the art of taking her experiences and turning them into beautiful poetry.”

“With gorgeous metaphors and delicious rhymes, Emma-Jane creates poems with so much warmth and humility.”

“With sublime imagery in every piece, her poetry is touching, relatable, insightful and always a joy to read.”