Emma Jane Poetry 

In 2020, Emma-Jane Barlow started posting original poems to Instagram during the pandemic. She had been writing poetry from the age of seven and had always used it as a way of expressing her emotions and writing about her life experiences. But she took a leap of faith and started sharing snippets of her work online to receive feedback from readers. She quickly started to build a following and develop a brand for herself as a poet. 

She started to do a variety of things including poetry prompts, live poetry readings and workshops to actively engage with her followers. Currently, she is close to 5,000 followers and she is always consistent and creative with her page aesthetic and the way she presents her art online. 

Emma Jane Poetry has become a well-known name in the Instagram writing community and beyond, Emma-Jane is known as EJ in the local poetry scene. She shares spoken word videos on her Instagram and YouTube page and is always looking at new ways to craft and present stories using multimedia elements such as graphics, videos/reels and music.