Hot Bikram Yoga: Not For The Faint-hearted!

Recently, it has been recognised that there has been a rise in the number of men choosing to do yoga, but not just any old yoga – Hot Bikram Yoga!

Bikram Yoga is definitely not for wimps!

The Premier Bikram yoga brand, Hot Bikram yoga has reported that men are employing the discipline to improve their strength, mental toughness and flexibility. The founder of the brand Olga Allon says that ‘Bikram Yoga is definitely not for wimps, figures show that 25% of all people attending the classes are men. This is very high for yoga classes and we believe the reason for this is twofold.’

Many ‘weekend warriors’ are looking to improve performance in their chosen sports. Bikram yoga is performed in a room heated specifically to 40 degrees which means that the muscles are able to work through a broader range of motion and this improves strength and flexibility. More and more elite male athletes are incorporating Bikram yoga into their training because of the overall benefits it has. Some big names that have attended classes are Andy Murray, Rob Miedzybrodzki and Moritz Volt. The word is getting around and the number of men attending classes is expected to rise even more.

The 90 minute classes are currently taught at three London studios, Bikram Yoga is mentally and physically demanding so it isn’t for the faint hearted.

Olga Allon has five benefits that Bikram Yoga has for men and these are Strength, Stamina, Injury Prevention, Weight Loss and Increased Flexibility. Interval training is an effective way to build strength and Hot Bikram Yoga is a great way to achieve this. There is an activity that requires you to hold a pose for 20-30 seconds before moving into a state of 100% complete relaxation. This is similar to weight training but you use your own body instead of the weights, which means you build lean muscle strength.

Hot Bikram Yoga also provides a full cardiovascular workout so it complements the other intense activities in your training regime. The breathing exercises in Hot Bikram Yoga is a vital part of the session, not only do you increase your lung capacity but it keeps the heart rate low which can help you keep calm and focused when under pressure. Due to the extensive heat, the unique environment in Bikram Yoga reduces the risk of injury. The heat allows the muscles to stretch further without any aches and pains the following day. It also works your posture and when doing the activities it cuts off the blood supply to the particular joint you are working on, when you release the pose after 20 seconds the blood and oxygen floods back in and nourishes and rejuvenates the area. This is will definitely benefit you if you take part in high impact sports.

Weight loss is another great benefit of this type of yoga, the heat and humidity can allow you to burn over 600 calories each session and as your body fights to stay cool your pulse rate increases which helps you burn even more calories. The heat will also help your body achieve a balanced metabolism. When stretching in high temperatures your body enables you to stretch further and the temperature in the room reflects that of muscles and body fluid once it has warmed up. When your body is relaxed you can move it further and if you are susceptible to aching joints then you will be able to enjoy a deeper stretch without the aches and pains the next day.

To learn more about Hot Bikram Yoga, visit They currently have studios in Fulham, Balham and London Bridge, so book a class now and give it a go. 

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